Vernon Law Celebrates Employee Service


Each year, Vernon Law hosts a celebratory luncheon at the Alamance Country Club to recognize its employees for their service and dedication to the law firm. This year's celebration took place on April 23, 2008.

Those being honored included: Erma Ryan (5 years); Lydia Fleeman (10 years); Terri Ford (10 years); Katharine Kuczkowski (10 years); Terri Morin (10 years); and Marsha Massey (15 years).

Vernon Law believes in the value created by a team approach to legal problem solving. When you hire Vernon Law, you are not just hiring a single attorney, but an entire firm of experienced legal professionals who work hard together to serve our clients' interests. We are proud of the cooperative working environment at Vernon Law, and believe that the substantial lengths of service of so many of our staff members and attorneys makes a strong statement to our clients about the stability and experience they can expect when they hire Vernon Law.